Welcome to Frailey's Recycling 

Welcome to Frailey's Recycling


What We Do

At Frailey's we handle a wide variety of metals. We are always here to help. We take cars, scrap, long and short iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, appliances, brass, coated wire, and much more! We will come pick up your cars near Chouteau and surrounding areas, however at this time, we cannot pick up cars in Turley. We are here to work for you, because without our customers, where would we be?

You may request one of our dumpsters for use on commercial properties if there is a large amount of scrap metal needed to be removed. We may charge a small fee though. Just give a call!

Have a car you can't move? We can come get that for you .* For a small fee of course! To learn more about how this works, visit our pick up page!

*   We only cover certain areas to come get your car. Learn more on our Pick Up page.